The Roberts Community Health Scholarship evolved from GNI's Nursing leadership Scholarship that was established in the summer of 2011. This new format was designed in loving memory of long time supporter and friend Kimberly Roberts, ACNP.

 The focus of this scholarship is to; support promising nursing students with brilliant cost-effective ideas on how to aid the health of their communities.  This scholarship is focused on fostering student-led community health projects and financially supporting them through seed grants for their projects and a full-year's tuition towards their nursing education.

Three students from the Fort Portal International Nursing School became the GNI's first awardees of this new scholarship project in May, 2013. The three award winners were second year nursing students; Bwambale J. Bosco, Masika Mirika, and Murungi Nason. 

​2017 Roberts Scholars

We are excited to introduce the two new Roberts Scholars for the up coming 2017 year! Agnes Kajote is an aspiring midwife, she hopes to be able to bring her new knowledge home. Her community education project is focused on bringing much needed education on post-natal infections to the local community. Our other Roberts Scholar is Andrew Tumwikirize, a general nursing major who was inspired to go into nursing by his local health centre III in Mpeefu.  His community health project is focused on raising awareness of Hepatitis. He feels there is alot of education for HIV, but communities have little knowledge Hepatitis can be a big problem as well.  We would like to wish our students the best of luck as they move forward both in school and in their work within thier communities!! Click the links below to see thier blogs and follow their projects! 

                        Agnes Kajote                                  Andrew Tumwikirize

2016 Robert Scholars Update

Huge Congratulations to Bwambale J Bosco, Masika Mirika, Murungi Nason (below, right) and Doreen Kanyunyuzi (below, Left) for their recent graduation from Fort Portal International Nursing School!! 

2015 Roberts Scholars

Our Certified Enrolled Nursing student  Katusabe Harriet will be continuing on with Masika Mirika as she joined again by Bwambale Bosco as they both continue on in their education to acquire their Diplomas in Nursing!! So proud of all you!! 

So see what our students are working on please visit their Blog! 

Bwambale Bosco  Masika Mirika   Katusabe Harriet


2014 Roberts Scholars

We are so proud to report that all 2013 Roberts Community Health Scholars graduated with some of the highest marks in their class!! We would like to introduce everyone to our newest Certified Enrolled Nursing students Jackline Kezabu and Katusabe Harriet. They will be joining Masika Mirika as she continues on in her education to acquire her Diploma in Nursing!! So proud of all you girls!! 

So see what the girls will be working on please visit their Blog! 

Jackline Kezabu    Masika Mirika   Katusabe Harriet


2013 Roberts Scholars

Murungi Nason for project plan;  Reduction of HIV/AIDS Transmission

Masika Mirika for project plan; Reduction of Maternal Death

Bwambale J. Bosco for project plan; Child mortality rate eradication project 

Congratulations to all the Awardees!

Roberts Community Health Scholarship

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