Global Nurse Initiative

Hope is what drives us all. Hope for the future, hope for happiness, hope for security, hopes for our families and children. The greatest gift we can give each other, more than any material possession or physical comfort, is hope. This is Global Nurse Initiative's simple and ultimate goal.

GNI was established in June of 2009 as a grassroots organization with the goal to give back to global communities. We are a collection of nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, medical doctors and axillary health-care professionals. Our focus is to assist health clinics and projects which are already established, provide public education on various health topics, and perform health screenings in local schools. 

Remember in elementary school when the school nurse used to do eye exams and taught us how to brush our teeth? Our School Nurse Program is aimed to starting health education at a young age, hoping that good habits will last. We screen the children for common health problems that occur in childhood, perform growth assessments, and refer children to the local doctor if needed. Our sites are located in Uganda and in Ethiopia. 

As an organization started by nurses, we believe that nursing as a career can open doors. Many women are stuck in a cycle of poverty as they cannot afford the education required to start a career. Our Roberts Community Health Scholarship ensures money raised and donated will go towards the education of a young men and woman who want to be a nurse in one of these communities. 

Even through Fundraising, GNI invests into the community that it's present in. With our Bags for Babies Fundraiser, bags and totes are made by a local women's' co-op. The money we raise from the bags goes back to the co-op as well as purchasing supplies for the project we are working on in that community. 100% of all proceeds goes back to the community. 

We believe as health-care workers we are the caretakers of our communities, domestic and abroad. It is our privilege and responsibility to care for them. Thank you for visiting our website. Without your encouragement and support none of this would be possible.

With Love, 
The GNI Team 

Collaborators and Sponsors

Emirates Airline Foundation


Uhai for Health

US Doctors for Africa

Himalayan Health Care

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