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Do you know the top 25 diseases in the country you about to go on a medical mission too?

If you don't, time to start reading. The WHO has Current updates on outbreaks of certain diseases internationally as well as a vast database of information to search from called the WHO-LIS. Then there are the local government's department of health. Searching surveys from local DOHs can be vastly helpful. They keep tract of the most common and infectious diseases that are afflicting their country. It might take you some time on a search engine to find but it is completely worth it.


Travel Guides;

Lonely Planet Series

Medical Texts;

Public Health Management of Disasters: The Practice Guide
ISBN: 0875530451

Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine

Manson's Tropical Diseases: Expert Consult

ISBN: 1416044701

Lecture Notes: Tropical Medicine
ISBN-10: 140518048X

Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy
ISBN-10: 1930808526

Infectious and Tropical Diseases: A Handbook for Primary Care
ISBN: 0323027113

Where There Is No Doctor

Where There Is No Dentist

Simple Dental Care for Rural Hospitals


Color Atlas of AIDS in the Tropics
ISBN: 0723415676

Color Atlas of Tropical Dermatology and Venerology

ISBN: 0-387-53327-3

A Manual of Dermatology for Developing Countries

Nutrition for Developing Countries

Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine: A Practical Guide
ISBN: 2-218-02651-1

Primary Surgery: Trauma

ISBN: 019261598X

Primary Surgery
ISBN: 0192616943

Primary Anesthesia

ISBN: 0192615920

Pediatric/Maternity Texts;

Handbook of Paediatrics: in developing countries

ISBN: 0195786904

Helping the Children: A Practical Handbook for Complex Humanitarian Emergencies

A Textbook of Paediatrics in the Tropics and Sub-Tropics

Perinatal Health Care with Limited Resources

Committee on Infectious Diseases/ American Academy of Pediatrics
ISBN: 1581103069

Where Women Have No Doctor

A Manual for Traditional Birth Attendants and Community Midwives


Book For Midwives: Care For Pregnancy, Birth, And Woman's health

ISBN: 0942364236

Surgery at the District Hospital: Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Orthopaedics and Traumatology

ISBN: 9241544139

Administrative Texts;

Managing Humanitarian Relief: An Operational Guide for NGOs

ISBN: 1853396699

Refugee Health: An Approach to Emergency Situations

ISBN: 0333722108

Concepts and Practice of Humanitarian Medicine

ISBN: 0387722637

Health Care for Refugees and Displaced People

War and Public Health

ISBN: 0195311183

Appropriate Technology Source book: A
guide to practical books for village and small community technology


Engineering in Emergencies : A Practical Guide for Relief Workers
ISBN: 1853395455

Field Guide to Appropriate Technology

ISBN: 0123351855

Making Health Care Equipment: Ideas for local design and production
1 85339 067 4

Setting Up Community Health Programmes: a practical manual for use in developing countries

Financing Health Care

Medical Administration for Front-Line Doctors
1 871188 03 20

Guidelines for the Management of Hospital Outpatient Services,
Kenya: Ministry of Health/AMREF, 1982
Available through African Medical and Research Foundation,
PO Box 30125, Nairobi, Kenya or
Division of Family Health/GTZ,
Ministry of Public Health,
PO Box 41607, Nairobi, Kenya
This very candid and charmingly, yet realistically illustrated volume helps problem-solve everything from poor patient flow and furniture arrangement to unrealistic prescribing and inefficient drug dispensing. Though the case studies all come from Kenya, the folksy
human approach is applicable anywhere.


Biographical / Political;

Child Soldiers in Africa

Do No Harm: How Aid Can Support Peace - or War

ISBN: 1555878342

Humanitarianism in Question: Politics, Power, Ethics

ISBN: 0801473012

The Voice of Hope


Medical Translator Pocket
ISBN: 978-1-59103-235-9

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Online Reference Links

John Hopkins School of Public Health
    - fantastic free online reference to their MPH program

Medecins San Frontieres - Handbook Database
-extremely helpful, 14 different guides from OB to Minor Surgery.

Common Skin Diseases of Africa

Anthropometric Calculator

   - helpful program to calculate growth stats

Children and Disasters - AAP Links

Emergency War Surgery

Red Book Online
   - Pediatric Infectious Disease

WHO - Fact Sheets

Example of Typical Formulary Page 1, Page 2

WHO - Database

FEMA - Independent Study Program

Directory of U.S. International Health Organizations - Contact and organizational profile information on about 350 international health organizations. Useful cross index according to country and 24 activity areas including communicable diseases, disaster relief, medical supplies, and primary health care.