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School Nurse Project - Uganda


     The GNI School Nurse Project was established to help encourage children to be an active participant in their health and establish the beginnings of a medical record that they can take with them into their adult years. Our primary focus is HIV testing, vaccinations, de-worming, and educational projects focusing on HIV, food preparation, water purification, sex ed, and personal and dental hygiene.  Growth statistics of the children are also followed individually and as a whole.

      The School Nurse Project at Outreach to Africa's Paul Delvin Academy was created  in March of 2010 through a collaborative effort between GNI, Outreach to Africa and the Emirates Foundation.
The Paul Delvin Academy is a day/boarding school which was built for orphanages. It presently has approximately 75 students but will one day accommodate up to 320. With the efforts of OTA and Fields of Life, a Ugandan construction firm broke ground for the elementary school in Geme, Uganda in August of 2007. Then in February of 2009, the Paul Delvin Academy opened for its first day classes. Presently the orphanages are placed in the community and come to school during the day. It is OTA's hope to one day be able to house the children on premises.

        All medical personal are welcome to apply, our groups tend to be 4-5 people,  made up of nurses, mid-levels and doctors. Our focus is primary care and participation cost is minimal. For more information on volunteering or donations please
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