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Nursing Exchange Program - India

J. J. School of Nursing, Hyderabad

     Hyderabad, India is the sixth largest metropolis in India, with a population of 6.38 million. It is a city where distinct cultural traditions of Northern and Southern India meet. The city has developed a distinctive cultural mixture of Hindu and Muslim traditions. Unfortunately even with the economic upturn in the last few years with the outsourcing boom, there is still a drastic gap between the rich and poor.  Outside the city in the rural areas villagers live off 2-3 dollars a day at best.

     J. J. School of Nursing was establish by Sasi Kiran in May of 2005 for girls from rural impoverished areas in and around the Andhra Pradesh State of India. Half of the girls pay a discounted school fee and the other half of the girls that are from extreme poverty attend for free. These dedicated girls attend school 6 days a week and live in the dorm provided by the school. After 3 years the girls graduate with a 3 year diploma in nursing. All girls have limited knowledge of English, and for them to be competitive in India's changing market they need to
strengthen their ability to understand and communicate medical English. This is why the Nurse Exchange Program was created; to help improve understanding of the nursing process, human anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology as well as to help improve communication skills.

The average class size is 28-36, students consisting of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year Nursing students.

The local dress is very similar to western dress now because of adaptions to western culture. It is recommended however to dress modestly, and dressing in the local fashion can also be a fun cultural immersion experience.
*Tale end of a OB-Nursing Lecture at JJ School of Nursing.

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Hyderabad, India