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Sponsor a Nursing Student

The nursing shortage affects everyone the world over. Those affects being felt even more so in developing countries.  According to the WHO Africa has one nurse for every 1,800 people.  Compare this to the 14.6 the USA has and its easy to see that the African nurses have their work cut out for them.  Their resources are staggeringly limited, the population is bombarded with malaria, malnutrition, parasites and political unrest.  

Education is the best way to combat these problems and invest in a communities future.  Nurses do not just give medications and document vital signs. They are teachers, care-givers, and communities advocates. This is why the Community Nursing Scholarship was created.

First Student Scholars!
Started Nov, 2011.

We are very proud to announce that we have not just one Community Nursing Scholar but two! This is a big warm congratulations to GNI's Mother / Daughter team, Kabaranzi Teddy and Kanyunyuzi Doreen for both of them getting into Nursing school in Fort Portal, Uganda! We know you'll make us proud Ladies! If you would like to help with thier journey through nursing school please contact us or donate to the cause.



GNI is selling Tote bags from Hope for HumaNS Women's Vocational Center. Please help promote and support this micro-enterprise as well help us raise funds to pay for the medical care of the children of Paul Delvin Academy.

100% of GNI profits go to GNI Programs

Give a beautiful gift of life to these women, children and your family. Bags are hand-made and come with a letter of thanks. The average size is about 40cm x 40cm x 16cm because they are handmade we can not guarantee exact color or size. It has a button closure and is a nice heavy bag. I use this one to go grocery shopping and it holds a ton!! They also make great baby bags.
Closets to Classrooms

As health-care providers we inherently become pack-rats of information. Do you have a bookcase of medical/nursing books that you haven't looked at in 2-3 years? Do you think you will be using them in the next year? If not time to clean out your, closet, bookcase or basement. GNI is looking for nursing and medical book donations for JJ School of Nursing in Hyderabad, India and Outreach to Africa's Medical Clinic and Birth Center in Fort Portal, Uganda.

Our next trip to Fort Portal, Uganda is scheduled for Jan 13th, 2012 and out next volunteer is heading to India in March/2012. Please Contact Us